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Jewel Street Cleaning

Jewel Street Cleaning puts you in charge of your budget and street sweeping operations. This application enables you to make fast calculations for your sweeping services: planning operations and checking work that’s been done.

Fast and clear answers

  • How much time and money does it cost to keep the streets clean in an area?
  • What are the consequences of budget cuts on the cleanliness of my operational area?
  • How can I see when a street will be cleaned?
  • How can I see when a street has been cleaned?

Jewel Street Cleaning provides fast and clear answers to these and other questions.


Clear maps

The application makes use of a geographical background map and a street plan map so you can see the extent of sweeping operations and planning at a glance. You can use Street Cleaning to make preliminary calculations, to compile and (automatically) process weekly timetables and to produce actual costing. Street sweeping can be planned on a fixed-frequency basis or according to level of cleanliness.

In case of working based on cleanliness levels, the Street Cleaning application makes use of national mean indicators for sweeping methods, sweeping speed, pollution speed and indirect used time. After entering basic data, such as neighbourhoods and object types, the application rapidly calculates the amount of labour and materials required. In case of working based on fixed frequencies, data on sweeping machines, day of sweeping and time required can be entered manually.


Budgeting, Planning and Operations

The updated web application has renewed and improved functionalities for budgeting, planning and operations management.

  • Budgeting – Calculation of required capacity and budget can be done rapidly for fixed routes and/or for minimal levels of cleanliness. Different options can be added and re-calculated with just one mouse click. It is still possible to calculate a budget based on mean indicators and a budget based on your ‘own’ data.
  • Planning The application calculates automatically which streets need to be swept by which machine or manual sweeper. Daily and/or weekly planning is presented on a map and in table. Daily planning can also be automatically forwarded to an optimization algorithm to produce an optimal route for the area to be cleaned. This route may be given to operators on paper and can also be exported to a navigation system for voiceguided route riding.
  • Operations – All streets planned for cleaning are entered manually or automatically using GPS files. GPS files can only be used in sweepers that are fitted with a track-and-trace system.



After planning, the date and time of sweeping is saved in the database. This allows you to compile reports per unit or road (when was it cleaned) and for the entire area of operations (where and how often was the area cleaned) and simplifies providing accountability. Furthermore the data storage feature is helpful for dealing with any complaints.


New functionalities

Street Cleaning incorporates the following new functionalities:

  • Monitoring data – Monitoring/inspection data are made visible and can also be linked to planning. You can see at a glance which streets require extra cleaning. These ‘dirty’ streets can be added to the current planning with just one mouse click.
  • Litter bins – Litter-bin data can be entered manually or automatically if you use handheld devices. The result is a geographic map showing all litter bins. The application then determines the optimal driving route for emptying them.



Jewel Street Cleaning is attractively priced: one doesn’t buy the programme, only annual license fees are charged, so investment costs are low and recouped fast.

Extra advantages:

  • Access from any (internet) workplace
  • Fast updates (only one source)
  • Consultants can follow and/or participate in operations
  • Simple map updating
  • No installation or management for the customer
  • Easy to link to other programmes (SOAP)

If you lack time and/or human resources to start using Jewel Street Cleaning we are ready to offer Jewel’s services to provide you with a comprehensive capacity calculation and/or sweeping plan within a couple of days.



Please contact us for more information.  Jewel runs similar applications for household waste collection, winter services,  container order, weed control, gully cleaning, sewer inspections,  navigation and geographical registration of objects and logistic activities.

Jewel keeps you on track.

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